Bean-to-Bar with Dr Nat Bletter!

The time has finally come, the moment we have been waiting for, Dr Nat Bletter is in town and Choco Chocolate is of course here :)


Dr. Nat Bletter has travelled all the way from Hawaii to teach 20 priviliged students for the first time ever in Europe. The course will cover the full details on how to prepare chocolate from scratch! Ingredient acquisition, bean selection, roasting, cracking, winnowing, grinding, conching, tempering, molding, wrapping, you name it!

 It all takes place at Chokladskolan - Cacao & Co Chocolate School in Nora.


Dr. Bletter has 15 years of experience in botany, documenting exotic fruits and vegetables, gathering food in the wild, herbal and traditional medicine, and exploring Asia, South America, Central America, and Africa. He has a Ph.D. in Ethnobotany from the City University of New York and New York Botanical Garden, where he researched medicinal plants of Peru, Mali, and the Guatemalan Mayans, ethnobotany, taste-modifying plants, and stimulant plants such as cacao, which has spurred him to start a traditional-ingredient, high-antioxidant, artisinal chocolate company Madre Chocolate





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